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Costa Rica Sea Turtles: Where and when to see them

If you love seeing unique species of marine life, then you will need to visit Costa Rica at the right time of the year - particularly the Pacific.

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7 places in Latin America To Visit After Graduation


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The benefits of traveling in the Green Season in Costa Rica

If you love exploring natural rainforests and long, beautiful sandy beaches, then Costa Rica would be your most ideal place to visit. The tiny.

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Three reasons not to rent a car in Costa Rica


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Relaxing Spa Resorts in Costa Rica

Looking for a rejuvenating wellness experience in Costa Rica? Spas, especially those which use ingredients from their natural surroundings, can be.

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When is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

So you want to travel here but can’t decide the best time to visit Costa Rica? The timing of your travel plans to any country has a lot of factors.

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