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The benefits of traveling in the Green Season in Costa Rica

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If you love exploring natural rainforests and long, beautiful sandy beaches, then Costa Rica would be your most ideal place to visit. The tiny Central American nation has a lot to offer all around the year, although the Green Season - May through November - has been singled out by many travel enthusiasts as the most magical season to be in Costa Rica. The vibrancy and freshness that engulfs the country during the long rains of the Green Season will most definitely indulge your deepest admiration of the Mother Nature.

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Rainy seasons are mostly associated with a boring, disappointing travel itinerary. But this isn’t the case in Costa Rica because this part of the world mostly rains in the evening and spares the better part of the day for travelers to explore. And if you fear that rainy seasons come with an immeasurable degree of coldness, well, Costa Rica’s rain is perfectly warm. It is never too cold during the Green Season. The sky isn’t blue most of the day but the clouds aren’t too dull either.

Have you been putting off traveling to Costa Rica because of the fear of rain? In this post, we are going to give you 10 strong reasons why you should change your mind and visit the tropical country this summer.

1. No crowds

Many people who don’t understand the beauty of traveling to Costa Rica during the Green Season often flock the country from December to April. To these people, the sunny climate that defines Costa Rica in this time of the year is the real deal, especially for travelers coming from the North during winter. What this means is that the Green Season is left for only those who understand the fun that comes with it. The beaches aren’t completely deserted during the rainy season - there are always a few people enjoying the warm mornings on the beach and then retiring to their hotels when the clouds start forming in the evening. If you love swimming, therefore, the green season is surprisingly a good time to visit Costa Rica. You will have the beaches and the best hotels all for yourself. Surfing is also great during this season.

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2. The rainforests get livelier

This goes without saying: A rainforest is most beautiful during the wet seasons. If you want to witness the real beauty of a tropical climate, then there is no better time to visit Costa Rica than during the green season. The vegetation is lush, the flowers and fruits are in plenty, and the land is covered in a beautiful, green cover. In the wild, birds and butterflies of all species are happy and jumpy, making the place even livelier and more scenic.



3. It’s cheaper

Lesser crowds translate to lower travel costs. Travel agencies are always looking for customers, but they are hard to come by during the Green Season. The airline fares and other travel logistics are all done at fairly lower charges. Hotels are always competing for the few tourists during this time and will try to make their food and accommodation options as appealing as possible. Take advantage of the crazy offers that come with low travel seasons and visit Costa Rica.


4. Amazing sea life

Some chances come once in a lifetime. The chance of seeing humpback whales giving birth is one such chance. These gigantic mammals migrate across the Osa Peninsula to give birth between the months of July and October, so you will have the rare chance of witnessing this spectacle if you are in the country during the Green Season. On the other end of Tortuguero, green sea turtles nest along the Caribbean coastline over the months of May to September. Based on Kusini Collection, Costa Rica is home to five of the seven species of turtles in the world who are seen throughout different seasons throughout the year. These are scenes that you cannot afford to miss out on.

See Giant Tortoises 


5. The Caribbean Zone is dry

Although the larger part of Costa Rica is wet during the Green Season, there still are dry areas left out for those who dislike the rain. The volcano area of Arenal, Sarapiqui, and other areas around the Pacific are drier between May and December than during any other time of the year. What’s more, these regions experience milder trade winds during the Green Season which makes your trip more enjoyable.


6. Coffee harvesting

Coffee harvesting seasons are the most social seasons in the Costa Rican calendar. If you want to interact with the natives in their most natural habitat, then visit the country between October and December and help your hosts out with picking the red coffee berries. This activity is also fun because, if you love drinking coffee, you get to see where your favorite drink originates from.

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7. Breathtaking sunsets

Sunsets during the dry seasons are beautiful, alright, but sunsets during the wet seasons are gold. It is as if the rain washes the sun and accentuates its beauty. You won’t believe how breathtakingly beautiful sunsets along the Caribbean coast are during the green season.


8. Indulge your Pluviophile instincts

Do you love rain and its smell? Well, there is no better place to be at than in Costa Rica during the green season. Take a wild reap into the rainforests and enjoy the view of raindrops falling so effortlessly and in a fulfilling fashion from the hanging leaves and branches. Breathe in the deep, inviting smell of the moist ground. And when the sun goes down, curl up cozy in bed and immerse your soul in the comforting sounds of rain all night long.


9. The rivers are fuller, more fun

Surfing, kayaking, rafting, etc. is fun during the wet seasons than in any other time. The rivers are fuller due to the heavy rains and that makes the water whiter and the waves bigger. All the outdoor activities done on water are more fun during this season.

Rafting Pacuare 

10. Unparalleled beauty

This may sound obvious to you, especially after you’ve read the first nine benefits of traveling in the Green Season in Costa Rica. But we cannot emphasize this enough; the gorgeous foliage that covers the country after days of heavy rains is unimaginably fulfilling. Just try it out.

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