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Top Family-Friendly Destinations in South America

For a lot of travelers, traveling with kids is a big no-no. Traveling with kids to South America is perceived as even more of a hassle –.

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[Updated] Protests in Santiago, Chile: What they mean for your travel plans


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Earthquake reported off Central Coast of Chile

August 1st Earthquake

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A Chilean Wine Primer

Boutique wine tasting, breathtaking natural backdrops and exclusive hotels make for a perfect wine-lover’s vacation. And while many wine regions.

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Exploring Easter Island

Easter Island and its mysterious mythology has been popping up a lot on the news lately as archaeologists and historians express concern that the.

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Patagonia e-book - Chilean Lake District

Where snow-capped volcanoes meet peaceful lakes...

This quaint area is not the wild nature of Patagonian regions further south, but visitors are.

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Uyuni to Atacama - the overland journey

The overland journey from Uyuni in Bolivia to San Pedro de Atacama is one of the world’s epic adventure trips. Ecuador may have its “Avenue of the.

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Our 4 favorite restaurants in Santiago


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The Atacama Desert - What to See and Do

Tours and Excursions in the Atacama Desert

Activities in the Atacama Desert range from scenic trips to hikes, mountain biking and horseback.

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The Atacama Desert - Where to Stay & Where to Eat

Top Places to Stay in the Atacama

Where does one stay in the driest place on Earth? Believe it or not, for those adventure-seekers for whom the.

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