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[Updated] Protests in Santiago, Chile: What they mean for your travel plans




December 3rd, 2019

Here is the latest update from our travel partners in Chile:

"As mentioned previously, the government is no longer declaring a State of Emergency and the curfew has been lifted. There are still demonstrations and strikes in major cities, but most activities are back to normal. All airports are operating, excursions are running and the hotels that we work with are all functioning normally. Metro stations are continuing to reopen in Santiago. Although, there are still a few restrictions and changes made to the normal operating schedule.

As we have stated, travelers’ safety is our greatest priority! The Undersecretary of Tourism and the National Tourism Board recommends 'to gather background information about destinations that will be visited and to be permanently informed, in addition to adopting a behavior of self-care and being respectful of the rules stipulated by local authorities.' Furthermore, [our team] is continuing to closely monitor arrivals, departures and current trips in the country for all travelers and will ensure every tour and program is 100% safe."

November 19th, 2019

Here is the latest update from our travel partners in Chile, edited for clarity:

"Exactly one month ago, social manifestations in Chile started. It began with a massive call to evade the Subway Fare, and it continued with series of peaceful demonstrations asking for a new Constitutions and several social causes throughout the country. 

CUT - Governmental worker unions - called several times for countrywide strikes, roads were partial[ly] closed and sadly several of the demonstrations turned violent and riots [took] place at supermarkets, business[es], banks etc. 

On Tuesday the 12th our country was at the point [to] have a second curfew but the government decided against [it] and called the parliament to create a pact between all parties which would allow to answer some of the most important demands. 

Thursday 14th, passed [sic] midnight the parliament announced that all parties agreed on a public plebiscite for April 2020 about a) If the Chileans want [...] a new constitution and b) [how] to create this new constitution. This was a mayor step for the parliament and the government.  The communist party excluded themselves from this historical meeting as they where [sic] not willing to negotiate. 

Friday 15th early in the morning, Plaza Italia, the public meeting place for almost all manifestations, awoke with a white veil that covered the entire town square. And only one word was written: peace. 

Since then, the overall situation has been more [calm]. But the manifestations continue and as the communist party and the CUT (worker union) do not agree to the Social pact created by the parliament they [are calling] to continue with [the demonstrations].

Sunday 17th night President Piñera spoke again to the country and is supporting the idea of a new constitution and made it part of his working strategy beside social changes which the Chileans ask for but also indicated that this needs time to make sure it is properly done.  Additionally he made clear that all violence acts indifferent cause by whom to whom- will be brought to justice and did a call for peace.

The general travel situation in Chile:

  •  All airports and airlines are working normal, as well as border crossings [...].
  • San Pedro de Atacama is only affected if the CUT calls for general strike as than several of the sights [sic] close down. Peaceful demonstrations are taking place in San Pedro de Atacama. 
  • Torres del Paine working normally. Demonstrations taking place in Punta Arenas and in Puerto Natales city center. 
  • Chiloe [Island] is back to normal and we had no road blockings during the last week but demonstrations did continue. 
  • Puerto Montt city center had several demonstrations, [some of which] ended in violence, and we avoid the city center on all our activities since the events started. [The] airport is working [normally]. Puerto Varas and Pucon have smaller [demonstrations] and on Ruta 5 we had a few partial road blockings last week. 
  • Temuco city center also with [major] demonstrations, but Pucon and National Parks [are] without problems. 
  • Valparaiso is having demonstrations in the down area and towards Viña del Mar and Reñaca. The hills where the hotels, shops and restaurants are is not been affected. 
  • Due to the extreme hot temperature we had the last days in the center of the country first fires [broke] out between Casablanca and Valparaiso but it has been reduced already and starts to be under control. Access to town is possible. 
  • Santiago city center – Manifestations continue and we maintain our suggestion to change all travellers arriving till [December 10th]. from city center, Lastarria + Hotel Orly and Le Reve to hotels in the upper parts of our capital as for example Bidasoa, Hyatt Placa, Noi Vitacura.  Several museum start to open on more [a] regular [basis] as well as this weekend the Cerro San Cristobal opened up on Sunday but this changes from day to day. 
  • It will take our country a while to get where we all want it to be but this last week was very important for our democracy. 
  • We would like to thank you for the great support [...] we have seen by all our colleagues from all over and the vast majority of our traveller[s]." [sic]

November 8th, 2019

Here is the latest update from our travel partners in Chile:

Small, peaceful demonstrations are still taking place throughout the country. A larger demonstration, which began in the city center of Santiago and has extended to Providencia, is still riotous and not suitable for tourists. On Wednesday October 30th, a human rights observer from the United Nations visited Chile to review how military and police reacted during protests.

Our travel partners suggest that travelers planning to stay in Santiago be moved to hotels in Vitacura and Las Condes for the next two weeks.

In Valparaiso, hotels in the hills are functioning normally and restaurants and shops are open.

All airports and airlines in Chile are functioning normally.

Peaceful demonstrations continue to take place in the Lake District, and small, peaceful demonstrations  are taking place in Patagonia, Carretera Austral, San Pedro de Atacama, and Easter Island.

October 29th, 2019

Here is the latest update from our travel partners in Chile:

  • Protests are taking place all over Chile, but most are peaceful.
  • San Pedro de Atacama services are taking place as normal, except for Laguna Chaxa, as locals there joined the strike within the past few days.
  • In the Valparaiso Region, the curfew has been reduced and now starts at 10:00 PM. Hotels in the Valparaiso Region are operating as normal.
  • In Santiago and the metropolitan area, some hotels are closed and are, as of now, unsure when they will resume operation. Certain travelers may be switched to other hotels. In this region, the curfew is currently 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM. Walking tours are not currently being operated until further notice.
  • The Santiago airport is functioning normally and most flights are operating as scheduled.
  • The Araucania airport is functioning normally, and hotels are also operating normally. Peaceful demonstrations are being held in larger cities, but there is no curfew, except in Concepcion.
  • The Lake District has curfew in Puerto Montt and Osorno, but not in Chiloe or Puerto Varas. Some peaceful demonstrations are taking place in this region.
  • Services in Easter Island are functioning as normal, with a few peaceful demonstrations being held.
  • There have been no incidents or demonstrations in Austral Road or Patagonia, with all services and hotels functioning as normal.
    We are continuing to support our clients traveling to Chile, and your safety remains our absolute priority.

October 21st, 2019

Since Friday, October 18th, the Chilean people have been involved in protests focused mostly within the Chilean capital, Santiago. The protests are in regards to social inequality and the rising cost of living in Chile, most recently triggered by a rise in subway fares.

The safety of our travelers is our absolute priority, and we have been in contact with our partners in Santiago and around Chile to ensure everyone's security and well-being.

Our partners at EcoCamp Patagonia have communicated the following as of Monday, October 21st:

  • All of the airports in the country are open and operating. Due to delays or cancellations, some flights may be rescheduled.
  • All guests with cancelled flights will receive support to reschedule their transfers and excursions.
  • City tours in Santiago, Valparaiso and Viña del Mar are being monitored daily in order to offer a pleasant travel experience. Therefore it is possible that excursions will be modified.
  • All hotels in Chile are operating normally at this time.
  • The government is evaluating the situation day by day and is placing a curfew when necessary. This is used to reduce acts of vandalism and is only used to the extent that is strictly necessary.

This article will be updated as we receive more information.

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