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Packing when traveling with kids

Traveling with children can be a challenge but the preparation is worth the effort. Luckily children’s clothing is smaller, taking up less room.

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Lost World Adventures itineraries with tour and excursion menus

Welcome to Buenos Aires…Lima…Rio de Janeiro…Cartagena…Havana…Marrakech…

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The most comfortable way to camp in the Andes

Planning a camping trip is exciting, but one can't help thinking about the luxuries like showers, comfortable beds, and delicious food that.

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Yacht damaged on Bartolome Island, all passengers and crew safe

The San Jose yacht ran aground on Bartolome Island in the Galapagos on Monday morning. According to the Andean Travel Company, the yacht was.

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A Guide to Mendoza's Deluxe Wineries

Indulging the senses is certainly an important part of traveling, and what is more indulgent than sipping the local wine in a region that is known.

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Lost World Adventures and the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

Everyone at Lost World Adventures is thrilled to be a member of ATCF – the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund – and excited about the future of.

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How this conservation project is bringing missing animal species back to Argentina

On June 6th, two jaguar cubs were born in the Iberá National Park in Argentina -- the first new jaguars born in over a century. Last November, the.

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Twin volcanoes erupt simultaneously in the Galapagos

Ferdinandina Island's La Cumbre volcano in the Galapagos began erupting on June 16th. Ten days later, the Galapagos endured 15 quakes in less than.

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Visiting Colombia's Coffee Region

Genuine Colombian coffee is often regarded as some of the world's best. The city of Armenia, Colombia is the center of coffee production in the.

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All-inclusive beach resorts in Brazil

Nothing says 'vacation' like lounging on a beautiful beach, and with 4,650 miles of tropical coastline, Brazil is definitely an ideal place for.

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