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Our 4 favorite restaurants in Santiago


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The plane was so small it could barely fit three people. To make matters worse, we were bumping about on air currents rising from the Peruvian.

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No More Visa Needed for US travelers to Brazil

We are happy to announce that Brazil is waiving the Visa requirements for citizens of the United States, Australia, Canada, and Japan.

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Our 4 favorite restaurants in Quito


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Our 4 favorite restaurants in Ushuaia


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The Atacama Desert - What to See and Do

Tours and Excursions in the Atacama Desert

Activities in the Atacama Desert range from scenic trips to hikes, mountain biking and horseback.

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The Atacama Desert - Where to Stay & Where to Eat.

Top Places to Stay in the Atacama

Where does one stay in the driest place on Earth? Believe it or not, for those adventure-seekers for whom the.

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Giant Extinct Tortoise Found After 113 Years in Galapagos



Considered Extinct for 113 years: Giant tortoise found in Galápagos

The Chelonoidis Phantasticus tortoise species---assumed extinct for the.

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Buenos Aires Neighborhoods: A Tour Worth Experiencing

Buenos Aires has a diverse collection of beautiful neighborhoods that make it one of the most exciting and dynamic travel destinations in.

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Why Visiting Bogota's Trendiest Neighborhoods is Worth it

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