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When to Visit Colombia

Cartagena Neighborhood BIG - Copy



Cartagena Neighborhood BIG - Copy


Colombia possesses unique tropical charms. Sitting near the equator, Colombia has constant climatic conditions, which make it a year-round destination. When to visit Colombia is a tricky question since the dry season along the coast can be the rainy season in lowlands. Overall, the driest season in Colombia is from December to March, which makes it the busiest tourist season with huge crowds and soaring prices. I won’t disappoint you by telling you, “go there during the low seasons because it’s cheaper.” So now, check this guide to know when is the best time to visit where.




The Carribean Coast 


The Carribean Coast is relatively dry throughout the year except for September and October when you need to bring an umbrella with you all the time. Roaming the streets of Cartagena, feeling the vitality in the air, and treating yourselves in exquisite restaurants with a Colombian taste… The Carribean Coast should be on your radar for a comfortable getaway. Gothic colonial architectures, buildings saturated with colors, street cafes, and boutiques... Cartagena is one of the most enchanting cities in South America, perfect for a honeymoon trip. Besides the lazy and comfortable tours in the city, The Carribean coast also allows you to explore the astonishing nature in Taryona National Park.




The Pacific Coast


Unlike the Carribean Coast, the Pacific Coast rarely has dry season since it is one of the wettest regions in the world. However, you do not need to worry about the rain because it is gentle for most of the times. It could be even more romantic wandering about the shores and looking over the ocean in harmless drizzles. If you need to pick a time for the Pacific Coast, visit between June and October, which is the humpback whale migration season. During June and July, those giant creatures arrive in the Pacific regions. They give birth to young whales, raise their babies, and finally leave for the wild ocean in October.


coffee region


The Andean Region


The Andean Regions have two dry seasons and two wet seasons. From December to March and July to August, The Andean region welcomes its driest seasons, attracting numerous tourists. From May to July and October to December, you have rain in the afternoon but shortly are followed up by bright sunshine on a daily basis. Nature lovers can experience the most diverse flora and fauna in the Andean Region in Colombia. Among the snoa-capped vocalnoes and glaciers, you can venture to Los Nevados, the acclaimed coffee-growing region


 Copy of Copy of Butterfly-on-leaf-Andes-Colombia-Photo-Insect


The Amazon Region


Colombia has 10% of the Amazon forest, an area covering 403,000 square kilometers. The Amazon region is usually dry in July and August, which makes it an ideal time for wildlife spotting. Due to the lack of rain, the river recedes and animals come to the banks to drink or hunt. Leticia, the biggest city in this region, offers you a nice repose in its hotels, restaurants, and parks. Heading east from Leticia, you will see indigenous communities and individual towns, which are free from modern world’s contamination.




The Carnivals


How can you possibly miss out on the carnivals in Colombia? Masquerade parades, street dances, musical festivals… The Barranquilla’s Carnival is the second largest carnival in the world. The four-day activities paralyze the city’s normal life with its bursting energies. Most festivals in Colombia take place between December and March, the dry season. (However, Colombia can party in the rain. Nothing can extinguish their fire.) Here is a calendar of the most famous festivals in Colombia.


Carnivals of Blacks and Whites (Pasto): January 2nd- 7th, 2019
Barranquilla Carnival (Barranquilla): March 2nd – 5th, 2019
Medellin Flower Festival (Medellin): August 2nd - 11th, 2019
Cali Fair (Cali): December 25th-30th, 2019


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