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Protests in Ecuador and what it means for your travel plans




What is happening? 

There is currently a transportation strike in Ecuador. The strikers are requesting that the government not remove the subsidies from gasoline and diesel, while the government and large majority of the people are in favor of removal. 

The strikers have closed down several roads in Quito, and police and military are attempting to clear the roads in a peaceful manner. They have issued a state of emergency, and while that sounds frightening, it is just in place to ensure the safety of inhabitants and tourists in Ecuador.  

How will this affect travel? 

While traffic may be heavier in certain areas of Quito, tours and travel plans should continue as planned. This is a non-violent protest, so at the moment, it is still very safe to travel in Ecuador. If a tour goes directly through a protest zone, then alternative plans will be made. The strike is not expected to last more than a few days. 

We will update this page as the situation progresses. 


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