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Bolivia's political situation and what it means for your travel plans



photo credit: flickr

While Bolivia has been in a state of unrest since mid-October, tensions have recently increased due to a dispute over election results of Evo Morales, who has served as Bolivia's president since 2006. The Associated Press writes,

"The nation’s first indigenous leader contends he was forced out of power by a coup instigated by the opposition, while detractors claim his alleged abuse of power triggered a legitimate uprising in the streets."

Bolivia's election was held October 20th, and in late October, clashes grew violent in the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz.

We have reached out to our travel partners in Bolivia for up-to-date information on the travel-related situation in Bolivia, such as availability of flights, public transportation, city tours, and hotels. We will update this blog as the situation changes. As always, the safety of our travelers remains our first priority.

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