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Dinner in the Sky has arrived in Peru!



High-adventure dining at a flying dinner table!



 Lima is home to three of "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" - Central, Maido, and Astrid y Gastón, and 9 of "Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants". Now, just 18 miles from the city at Pachacamac, is "Dinner in the Sky Peru", the most unique and exhilarating way to enjoy a special meal.

Dinner in the Sky Peru is a platform suspended 45 meters high above the ground (almost 150 feet) with a capacity of 22 diners sitting in secure and comfortable rotating seats. The seats can rotate up to 180º around the table-bar and are secured by a system of belts with 4 anchor points. In the center of the platform there is a space for four people: a chef, two security assistants and a security supervisor.

During the hour-long event a gourmet Peruvian meal will be served. From your perch you can admire the archaeological site of Pachacamac, the Lurin Valley and the Pacific Ocean.

More than 5,000 of these events have been organized around the world, from Sydney to Sao Paulo, Paris to Las Vegas. Dinner in the Sky is now operating in over 45 countries on 6 continents.

Initially there will be four high-flying meals each day that will include a morning brunch, two lunch services and an evening dinner.

A high-flying meal will pair well with a visit to the ruins of Pachacamac (where Dinner in the Sky is based). Pachacamac is the most important pre-Inca religious center on the Peruvian coast. Experience the time of the Incas at the Temple of the Sun and at the "Mamacuna" (House of the Chosen Women). Afterwards, stop at the renowned "Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia", which contains an expansive collection of pottery, weavings and monoliths from the pre-Columbian civilizations. Combine a visit to Pachacamac with brunch, lunch or dinner at altitude at Dinner in the Sky Peru.

Interested? Give us a call and discuss a culinary tour of Peru - market tours, cooking classes, restaurant-hopping and Dinner in the Sky.

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