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A Conversation in Rio: Getting the scoop from our Brazilian Partner

RIO. Sugarloaf & Corcovado


Interview with Pablo MacCulloch from GM Group Travel.

The Rio Olympic Games are about to start and many travelers have approached us with questions about traveling during this season. It is always a priority for Lost World Adventures to keep our clients aware of every situation happening in our areas of business. So, we have come with a series of questions for our providers in Brazil to address those concerns.

Q: How are Brazil and the tour operators getting ready for the Olympics season?

A/ The reforms made in the city are just about ready. The electric tram that goes from our main bus station for intermunicipal buses, to the domestic airport, running through the entire downtown and the subway stations that goes to the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood where the main games take place are in their final steps. The tour operators have been gathering in the last few months in order to work together  to provide the best quality services for all clients.

Q: How is Brazil dealing with security-related concerns revolving around the Olympic Games?

A/Brazil is aware of the security matter during the Olympics and we will have 5x the number of cops in addition to the national reinforcement.   

Q: Is the Zika Virus affecting the Olympic Games attendance? Is it affecting tourism in general?

A/The international media is actually spreading Zika much more than it really is spreading itself. The main danger is for pregnant women. If you contract the Zika virus its symptoms pass in 04 days maximum. While it is a danger, I live in Brazil, and I have not known anybody who has contracted Zika Virus.   Zika is definitely affecting tourism because the International media is representing it as something much worse than it is..

Q: What makes Rio a great destination to travel to?

A/ Rio de Janeiro has been for many years one of the world´s capitals for tourism, even though we have a reputation of poor security, or not being a 1st world country. We have proven again and again that we are able to offer the best in hospitality and service. We have 1st class restaurants, ecological trails great security, and so many other qualities that make Rio a top destination to travel.

Q: What would you tell to the public that is reluctant to go because of the Olympics to encourage them to go to Brazil?

A/ They should definitely come. The Olympics gives even mmore reason for you to come, since we will be more prepared than ever and glad to receive people from all around the world to show them how beautiful Brazil can be.  Not only for its natural beauties but for what we´ve been working so hard to create: A city and country that opens its arms to incoming tourists

As you can see, Brazil is not only an amazing destination, but is also very optimistic about the positive effects of the Olympics. Security and public transportation will be better than it ever has. The Zika virus is a concern that we cannot overlook but that shouldn’t stop you from traveling. There are products to treat your clothes and also the usage of bug spray on the skin will help the travelers to avoid contracting the virus. Taking full precautions anywhere you travel will give you the best opportunity for a great trip, and a safe return home.

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