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Yacht damaged on Bartolome Island, all passengers and crew safe



The San Jose yacht ran aground on Bartolome Island in the Galapagos on Monday morning. According to the Andean Travel Company, the yacht was pulled against rocks by strong water currents, sustained damages to its hull, and is currently stranded. Fortunately, none of the passengers or crew were injured in this incident.

The Andean Travel Company noted that "it is currently unknown if the San Jose will be able to continue its operations at some point, as the outcome unfortunately goes beyond our control."

If you have booked an upcoming departure on Bartolome Island, you may want to book an alternative excursion in this situation. Although we recognize that it will not be exactly the same as what you had in mind, we offer other cruises in the same area that may suit your itinerary. Contact us below for more information about these sea routes.

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