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Our 4 favorite restaurants in Quito




Quito is rich with cultural and historical heritage. While touring the city you may step into one of our handpicked restaurants for a culinary experience and feel Ecuador on the tip of your tongue.


Michelin-Style Experience: Zazu




Snow crab ceviche, octopus parrilla and the excellent Pisco Sour cocktails… Zazu is a place where you can enjoy the finest dining experiences. Chef Rafael Perez brought his talents to Zazu after a well-established career in the United States. The cuisine here is contemporary Peruvian with a light touch of Latin influences. The restaurant also pays special attention to fresh and seasonal ingredients. In August, the lobster season in Ecuador, Zazu presents different kinds of masterly-cooked lobsters, ranging from carpaccio to risotto and tempura. The eight-meter-high glass ceiling wine cellar at Zazu is one of the most beautiful in the country and a highlight of your dining experience. The service, the explanation of each dish, the presentation, the flavors and the ambience all made Zazu the ultimate spot you should not miss during your time in Quito.


An absolute must: Casa Gangotena




Located in a renovated colonial building in the center of Quito, Casa Gangotena is often ranked among the top hotels in the world. The hotel presents elegance and class, while the restaurant elevates these qualities to a soulful dining experience. The glamorous art deco furniture, outlandish ceiling murals painted by Ecuadorian contemporary artist Lucia Falconi, the fabulous service and the swanky ambience - all make dining at Casa Gangotena a multi-sensory treat. The restaurant presents a classic yet creative approach to Ecuadorian cuisines, showing the variety of ingredients and the mastery of gastronomy. Casa Gangotena is a place to experience the upscale food as well as the upscale lifestyle.


The local taste: Achiote Ecuador-Cuisine




Achiote Ecuador Cuisine belongs to a small Ecuadorian family with an extensive culinary tradition. The satisfaction is not merely hidden in the food or bursting on your taste buds, it is everywhere in this restaurant. From the welcoming staff to the comfortable setting, you will feel the warmth of a home and a country located in the heart of Andes. The restaurant is only one block from Plaza Foch, one of the most popular tourist areas, a perfect spot for a delicious meal. Surrounded by old preserved buildings, you can sense the heritage of the city as well as the culinary culture. The varied menu exposes the multiple flavors of Ecuador. The ingredients are carefully picked: organic and of the highest quality. Achiote is one of the city's best place to enjoy authentic Ecuadorian delights prepared with a personal touch.


Afternoon hangouts: Cyril




Cyril may be one of the loveliest spots in Quito that offers a taste of Paris. Ranging from macarons to almond croissants, ice creams to freshly baked pastries, chocolates to cakes, you can feed your addiction to sweets at this cafe. This place is a chocoholic’s dream. Taking a repose from your trip, you can feast your eyes on artsy desserts and savor the best sweets in Ecuador on the beautiful outside patio.

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