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Our 4 favorite restaurants in Ushuaia




Dining at the end of the world can be so romantic. Here are our favorite 4 restaurants in Ushuaia.

Michelin-Style Experience: Kalma Resto


This 24-seat intimate, upscale restaurant gives you the personal attention, impeccable service and a splendid dining experience. You can feel the Mediterranean in the background, taste Peru in the techno-emotional cooking, and in the center of all this enjoy the local product - sea bass. The fresh fish is served with fresh vegetables in a luxuriant cream sauce, rich in flavor and texture. The ceviche is fresh and light topped with a heap of crispy rice noodles, accented with vinegar or lime. The service is excellent, well timed, and unobtrusive. The chef will stop by to explain dishes and chat. The dishes are not merely delicious, but more like a journey of experiences that connect inherently with the Patagonia 

A Must-Have: Volver


Eating at the End of the World without sampling the freshest local seafood would be such a pity. Volver is the place where you can enjoy the best seafood the city has to offer. The food is served simply, nothing pretentious like at gourmet restaurants. However, after your first bite you will be amazed at the freshness and the flavor. For those who say that they do not like king crabs, Volver will change your world. You might think it is the added sauces that decide the flavor. Not so. The crab is cooked to perfection and retains its original sweetness. It is hard to miss Volver with its large red king crab sign out front. The interior is full of witty, fishing-themed decorations. The service is very attentive without being obtrusive. You can enjoy yourself to a relaxing lunch, looking out on the bay and its scenic views.

The Local Taste: Dona Lupita


Located less than three blocks from the city center, Dona Lupita is the place where you can grab some unique and delicious food to go, or if you want to shake off the pretenses and eat at a warm and cozy place. The Roquefort and Arabe empanadas are to die for. Most loyal customers say that Dona Lupita has the best empanadas they have ever had. Try the signature caprese pizza and you won't regret it: served hot and fresh, filled with a healthy portion of mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil. The vegetarian ones are so tasty with spinach and melted cheese. An excellent meal at little cost. 

Afternoon Hangouts: Ramos Generales


Fancy a hot stew and pastries to warm yourself up on a cold and windy day. Ramos Generales is the hippest place you will find in Ushuaia and never disappoints with their delicious and hearty dishes. Once an old historic general store, Ramos Generales is reminiscent the 1930s. The old wooden floors and antiques on the shelves add a nostalgic and heartfelt atmosphere.

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