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Our 3 favorite hotels in Bogota

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Authenticity: Hotel de la Opera


Located right in the center of La Candelaria, Hotel de la Opera is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered and will take you back to the colonial and republican eras. Elegant balconies, tasteful decor, tiled walkways…this beautifully renovated boutique hotel offers you an authentic yet relaxing stay. The hotel has two restaurants, La Scala and El Mirador, where you can explore many gastronomic delights. The later one is on the top floor of the Republican area that allows you to look out onto endless views of the colonial roofs and the domes of the Church of San Ignacio in the moonlight. Hotel de la Opera also takes pride in its location. Nested in one of the safest neighborhood in Colombia, you can freely roam the cobbled streets and discover the peaceful yet dynamic life here in Bogota.


Location: Hotel Movich Buró 26

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Situated near the airport, Movich Buró 26 provides a convenient location and a luxurious and comfortable stay. The Portuguese architect Nini Andrade presented the unique Colombian identity in the design as well as the country’s culture. The hotel used organic and warm building materials. You can feel the comfort and coziness once you are inside your room. Movich Buró 26 is the perfect place to unwind after a long flight or for an immersive experience in Bogota. The service is cordial and helpful. The hotel also offers shuttle service to the airport.


Luxury: Four Seasons Casa Medina


Located in the restaurant center of the Zona G, you will be treated to a most comfortable and relaxing stay by Casa Medina.The generous interior has been carefully renovated and beautifully designed. You will be amazed by its stone columns and handsome brick façade. Not to mention, this hotel has been declared a monument of cultural interest by the Colombian Ministry of Culture. Rich in history, the Casa Medina was once the playground of Bogota's aristocrats and jet-setters. Its overblown extravagance set the benchmark for a hedonistic style. The 62 rooms and suites feature Spanish colonial accents enhanced with artisanal and contemporary touches, all different from one another. Besides the accommodations, you will be spoiled with the services here, which make you feel like the only guest in this mansion. 



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