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Lost World Adventures Travel Blog

Flying by the Seat of your Pants


Find yourself with unexpected time for a last-minute trip? But you’re not sure where to go, and what to do?  One of our specialties is booking last-minute trips over busy travel times like the holidays.  Some common advantages and disadvantages of last-minute travel:

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Cheap airfare – airlines often offer discounted fares for flights with empty seats to fill.  The Web is full of daily special offers and last-minute flights with low fares.  If you pull the trigger and book tickets but have no idea what to do when you get wherever it is you’re going, let us help.

Last-minute package specials – hotels and tour operators trying to fill empty space on holiday packages. We often have the first access to these packages and are offering them here.


Contradictory we know but last minute airfares are more likely to be more costly– you don’t always have the luxury of booking well in advance so booking flights less than a month (or a week) out can be the most expensive. 

Finding hotel space – you know where you want to go but hotels and resorts may be full for popular travel times like the holidays.  So you find yourself just trying to find a room somewhere…anywhere. 

We are the experts at finding last-minute space at your preferred destination.  We have the local connections who can let us know what is available for your dates, at your ideal location, and quickly.  And in some places we are holding space in case of last-minute bookings.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter account and regular blog posts for last-minute deals.