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Unique Methods of Travel in South America

Getting around does not always have to be a chore. Check out these uncommon methods to get to where you are going, so that you can enjoy the destination AND the journey.

1.Take an Air-Cruise and fly your way across the Drake Passage to Antarctica


Anyone who's dreamed of exploring the unique, icy beauty of the Earth's southernmost continent has likely heard of the Drake Passage. Because Antarctica is a continent surrounded by oceans, many travelers reach their destination by crossing from South America to the Antarctic Peninsula by ship. This means sailing through the Drake Passage, an infamous body of water that is often unpredictable. Travelers joke that it can be called the "Drake Lake" or the "Drake Shake," depending on the weather. On a day when the waters are rough, the journey can be miserable, even for those who aren't normally prone to seasickness. Some travelers consider it the price one has to pay for the stunning tranquility of Antarctica's glaciers, but what if you could skip the uncertainty of the passage and have your whole exploration be a little more relaxing? Now, you can take a flight to Antarctica, saving yourself time, and avoid a potential green face. 

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2. Trek your way to Machu Picchu


If taking the train to Machu Picchu sounds a little too relaxing for your active travel style, you might want to consider hiking there! The Inca Trail passes through some of the most remote ruins, and beautiful landscape, finishing at the legendary Machu Picchu ruins; an amazing reward for your multi day trek. Permits are sold on a limited basis and are already selling out for 2019. Check Availability here: 

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3. Train your way through the Inca Region


Driving from place to place in Peru, can feel so long in a cramped car, and flying may give you extreme FOMO when you realize the landscape of the countryside that you may be missing....but taking a luxury sleep aboard train through Peru can give you the best of both worlds, offering elevated comfort, and spectacular scenery. The Andean explorer, has several routes, including going from Cusco, to Lake Titicaca, to Arequipa on a 3 day journey of comfort and memorable experiences. 

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Happy traveling!

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